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Commercial Auto and Trucking

Securing adequate auto insurance for commercial vehicles in Mexico has been an ongoing challenge for insurance brokers. Fortunately, we at ZenDev Insurancespecialize in providing superior Mexican auto insurance coverage. Just as we have gone above and beyond with our personal Mexican car insurance products, our exclusive Mexican commercial auto insurance policies have also been designed to offer US standards of coverage in Mexico.

The main obstacle to placing insurance for foreign businesses operating in Mexico is simply a lack of suitable options. Traditional Mexican commercial auto insurance policies just do not fit the needs of foreign businesses in Mexico. Indeed, traditional Mexican commercial auto insurance policies do not provide the same coverage parts as comparable American and global policies. As such, brokers struggle to find policies with coverage that companies are comfortable with.

ZenDev Insurance saw the frustration agents and businesses were facing in the Mexican insurance market and moved to fill the gap. At ZenDev Insurance, we tailor our policies specifically for the needs of foreign businesses. ZenDev Insurance provides Mexican Insurance… The American Way! ®

Commercial Auto Insurance for Every Vehicle

Our Mexican commercial auto insurance products are suitable for companies with both year-round or short-term operations in Mexico.

For companies utilizing their US-registered vehicles in Mexico, our ZenDev Insurance Business Automobile program provides superior coverage with both annual and short-term policy options.

For businesses relying on Mexican-registered vehicles for their everyday operations, our MexiCAR® Business Automobile program is available.

ZenDev Insurance Knows Mexican Insurance

Our team of experts has spent the last 25 years perfecting our policies to ensure that our Mexican commercial auto insurance policies are the best on the market. Trust the team that specializes in creating insurance made for you!

ZenDev Insurance provides the following types of commercial Auto and Trucking Mexico insurance protection: