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MxBA – U.S. Plates in Mexico

Coverage in Mexico for Business autos with U.S. Plates

Our ZenDev Insurance MexiPass Business Automobile Program (MxBA) is a breakthrough product underwritten by AIG Seguros Mexico and CHUBB Seguros Mexico that provides the best and most comprehensive coverage for Business and Commercial use of vehicles registered in the USA or CANADA and owned by US or Canadian entities or residents, while in Mexican Territory.

Unlike the tourist Mexican Auto Policies and other products used for commercial vehicles in Mexico, this policy provides the same Coverage Parts as Business and Commercial Auto policies used in the USA, including:

  • Liability with limits up to US $1,000,000.00 CSL
  • Medical Payments
  • Uninsured Motorist BI and PD
  • True Comprehensive (including Partial Theft)
  • Collision Coverages