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MexiHome Plus

Homeowners Policy for Foreigners with Homes in Mexico
MexiHome® Plus is the best Mexican home insurance option for American and other foreign residents looking to insure their homes in Mexico. This program is underwritten by AIG Seguros México and CHUBB Seguros México and it is exclusively designed for the growing number of foreigners with homes in Mexico.

MexiHome® Plus Mexican home insurance provides coverage that is not available in any other policy offered for homes in Mexico. With all the same coverage parts, MexiHome® Plus looks, reads and feels like an American policy. Our MexiPass Mexican home insurance policies forgo the funny exclusions that our competitors carry and provide complete protection for your belongings, home, and family.

MexiHome® Plus is ideal for homes and belongings with a total valuation under $1 million USD. If you are looking for options to cover this amount or larger, please view our MexiJumbo® Home policy.

MexiHome® Plus Mexican Home Insurance Coverage

Our MexiHome® Plus Mexican home insurance policy reads just like a US-HO5 policy. Available coverage can be selected from:

  • Dwelling
  • Other structures
  • Personal Property
  • Loss of Use or Rental Income
  • Liability to Others
  • Personal Injury
  • Optional Catastrophic coverage (Earthquake, Hurricanes, Floods, Tsunamis)
  • Schedule of Valuable Property

You can rest easy at night knowing that you’ll have the best Mexican home insurance policy available!

Benefits of MexiHome® Plus

At ZenDev Insurance, we believe buying insurance should be simple and painless. That’s why our online portal offers simplified online rating and automatic binding – no need to submit for approval! Policies are written in both English and Spanish, so it is easy to understand exactly what coverage you are purchasing.

Our MexiPass Mexican home insurance policies also include a helpful Home Services package at no additional cost! Your policy will provide payments for home service calls such as plumbers, locksmiths, and other home repairs if the need arises.