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Renter’s Insurance for Foreigners Renting Homes in Mexico
MexiRenters® is the premier Mexican renter’s insurance option and is specifically designed for foreigners renting in Mexico. This program is underwritten by AIG Seguros Mexico and CHUBB Seguros Mexico and it offers similar coverages and benefits as our MexiHome® Plus program. “Renter’s Fire Legal Liability” is now included in this policy while “Dwelling”, “Other structures”, and “Loss of Rents” are not covered.

MexiRenters® Mexican Renter’s Insurance Coverage

Our MexiPass Mexican renter’s insurance policies are the best way to protect your belongings while renting in Mexico. Our MexiPass policy reads just like a US HO-4 renter’s policy and you can select coverage from the following:

  • Personal Property
  • Liability to Others
  • Renters Fire Legal Liability
  • Personal Injury
  • Optional Catastrophic coverage (Earthquake, Hurricanes, Floods, Tsunamis)
  • Schedule of Valuable Property

Our MexiPass policies avoid the funny exclusions of other Mexican insurance policies and offer the same level of coverage as US policies.

Benefits of MexiRenters® Mexican Renter’s Insurance

When your coverage is so important, buying Mexican renter’s insurance shouldn’t be a hassle. See for yourself what coverage you are getting! Our MexiPass Mexican renter’s insurance policies come in both English and Spanish and read like American policies so there are no questions about what you are purchasing.

Enjoy our exclusive Home Services package that comes included with every purchased policy. Don’t stress if you need a plumber, locksmith, or other home service call; your policy will pay for these and other home repairs if the need arises.