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U.S. Registered Vehicles

If you are driving your car to Mexico then buying a Mexican car insurance policy is a must. However, navigating the Mexican auto insurance landscape is difficult, and traditional Mexican car insurance policies are not well suited for the needs of foreigners driving their cars in Mexico.

Traditional Mexican car insurance policies don’t have the same structure as American policies, and many contain funny exclusions that foreigners aren’t used to or don’t expect. Moreover, they may not offer policy terms in English. As a result, foreigners in Mexico have difficulty finding insurance they are comfortable with and that provides the standards of coverage they expect.

This is where ZenDev Insurance comes in. We are Mexican Insurance… The American Way! ZenDev Insurance offers Mexican car insurance policies that adhere to American standards. We focus specifically on satisfying the needs of foreigners driving their foreign-registered autos in Mexico. The best part? Our Mexican car insurance policies have similar coverage parts to American policies and terms are available in both English and Spanish. As such, our policies are easy to understand and there is no question about what coverage you are purchasing.

Complete Coverage, Unique Benefits

When purchasing Mexican car insurance policies from ZenDev Insurance, you will be able to select from all of the available coverage options as you would expect from US policies, including liability, collision, comprehensive, and uninsured motorists. Moreover, for qualifying drivers, we offer our exclusive Travel Package to our MAS-Plus® and MxPatriate® Mexican car insurance policies. This includes unique benefits like emergency roadside assistance and emergency transportation home in the case your car is stolen or damaged in an accident. At ZenDev Insurance, our primary goal is the peace of mind of our customers. As such, we go to great lengths to ensure we offer the best coverage and most exclusive advantages.

But why provide the best Mexican car insurance products if they aren’t simple and easy to use? We offer flexible policy lengths so our auto-insurance policies are suitable for those spending a weekend in Baja, or those staying for months or years. Moreover, our policies are sold through our online portal which offers a simplified rating so it is easy to instantly quote and bind policies online – talk about easy!

ZenDev Insurance provides the following types of U.S. Registered Vehicles insurance: